Revel Coilovers - Are they worth the switch?

Revel Coilovers - Are they worth the switch?

Installation and Presentation

We recently opened an account with Revel (a new line offered by Tanabe USA) and had the opportunity to sell and install a set of Revel Touring coilovers on a 2003 Acura RSX Type-S.  The customer had another brand of coilovers that were 10+ years old that needed replacing.  Our first impression upon seeing the Revel coilovers in person was amazing.  You could tell that they were produced with the same standards and quality that Tanabe is known for, and even came with neoprene sleeves that wrapped around the coils and adjustment threads.  These sleeves protect the coilover from the elements such as dust, dirt, rain, etc.  After a few years with other coilovers these adjustment threads get caked with debris and make adjusting them a pain later down the road.  Installation was straight forward and typical of any other coilover.  The 32 way adjustable dampener had a nice blue look from the engine bay and easily accessible.  

Ride Quality

This is the part of the blog that most people are going to really want to read.  The ride quality of these coilovers rivaled the quality of my Tein Flex Z coilovers I had on my FRS.  I have been tuning JDM cars for 20 years now and for a affordable coilover they rival some high end Japanese brands.  With the damping set to 15 from full soft, the car drove and felt as if it was riding on OEM suspension but it was lowered 2". If the customer wants to do a track day they totally can by stiffening the dampening.  All in all I highly recommend Revel for the quality and performance they have to offer.  If you liked the information provided in this post, please subscribe to us and stay up to date with upcoming blogs and reviews.

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Rob Doyle - 9Livery Co-owner and Automotive Enthusiast

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