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Angel Number 7 - Mystery MFG Model - Ren Saionji - Waterproof and UV Resistant Decal for Car, PC, Waterbottle and more! - Jdm Gift

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As an Angel, Number 7 doesn't show much emotion, leading people to be intrigued in her mysteriousness, especially since she has no public profile on the MFG Angel Roster. Just like Shun Aiba in Mf Ghost, you're sure go be obsessed with number 7.


As the thrilling sequel to the legendary Initial D, MF Ghost has taken the automotive enthusiast community by storm, just as its predecessor did. If you're one of the countless Initial D fans who fell in love with drifting, then you'll adore this vibrant MF Ghost sticker that plays into the shows fan service. 


**Product Features:**


- **Premium Quality**: Crafted from UV-protected, water-resistant laminated vinyl, our MF Ghost Sticker is built to last. The high-quality construction ensures it can withstand the elements, from sunlight to rain, maintaining its bold and vivid colors.


- **Satin Finish**: The sticker boasts a stunning satin finish, adding a touch of elegance to your collection. This finish enhances the sticker's visual appeal while offering protection against minor scuffs and scratches.


- **Long-Lasting**: Designed to stand the test of time, our MF Ghost sticker is rated for a minimum of 2 years, ensuring it remains a striking addition to your collection or vehicle for years to come.


**Why Choose Our MF Ghost Slap Sticker:**


- **Perfect for Enthusiasts**: Whether you're a die-hard Initial D fan or a follower of MF Ghost's thrilling storyline, this sticker captures the spirit of both series and the in all their glory. 


- **Versatile Design**: Adorn your car, laptop, notebook, water bottle, or any smooth surface with this stylish sticker. Showcase your passion for the tuner culture wherever you go.


- **Collector's Item**: Make it a part of your Initial D and MF Ghost memorabilia collection, or gift it to fellow enthusiasts, giving them a piece of automotive history.


Get ready to join the MF Ghost and Initial D fan community in style with our vibrant MF Ghost Slap Sticker. Add it to your cart now and relive the excitement of these iconic automotive series, one sticker at a time. Don't miss your chance to make your ride or belongings stand out, and place your order today!



Sticker Size: 6"h x 3"w

-satin laminate

-UV Resistant

-Water Proof

-Fade Resistant

-comes with clear transfer tape on top for ease of application. once decal has bee applied, remove clear tape on top.